A Few Words to End the Week

Larry A. Meltzer, Agency Principal

With apologies to anyone still smarting from the late winter snow in parts of the country, but springtime in Dallas is always welcome. It’s that two weeks between “Was that winter?” and “How can it be 100 degrees already?” It also seems like a more natural time to make some resolutions that will stick, since New Year’s resolutions rarely last past the first month of the year.

So with the coming of spring next week, here are three resolutions for those of us in the marketing and communications professions to help us refresh our thinking:

• Get out and get moving. Nothing clears away the cobwebs like a breath of fresh air. Who says meetings have to be at a desk or conference table? Schedule walking meetings. Take a walk around the block and enjoy the spring air while talking business with your co-worker or colleague.

• Get a new perspective. Vow to read something you usually wouldn’t read. Instead of reading Businessweek in hard copy or on your app, pick up a copy of Oprah or Real Simple to see what interests others. Or drive a different route to work, and see what others are seeing on this path that’s different from yours.

• Play with toys. Who says toys are just for kids? Sprinkle some gadgets around your workspace. When you’re frustrated with a creative or business challenge, give your mind a break with a little play time. It often helps create a clean space in your mind to let the solution begin to make its way through.

When you think about it, these three resolutions aren’t that different from the top three New Year’s resolutions: Get healthy, get organized, and live life to the fullest. Except maybe we have a better shot at sticking to springtime resolutions than the typical success at the beginning of the year. Either way, here’s to a spring in all our steps as the season begins.


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