A Few Words to End the Week

Larry A. Meltzer, Agency Principal

Madonna had it half right:  We are living in a material world, but we are also living in a branded world. And as we face Daylight Saving Time, more than a few companies face saving-their-brand-reputation time.

  • Who’s on first? Or more accurately, whose name is on first base? This week, I had to attend an event at a major sports stadium. In the past, it was easy to identify where it was: the Cowboys played in the football stadium, the Rangers played in the ballpark, etc. But I found myself stopping to pause to think about which stadium I needed to head to: the one with the phone company’s name or the airline’s name or the life insurer’s name or the soft drink’s name or the other phone company’s name? Have we reached a saturation point in venue branding? Some interesting thoughts in this article.
  • Who’s sorry now? Uber apologizes. PwC apologizes. Yahoo apologizes. The Associated Press apologizes. The corporate apology follows a typical trajectory, beginning with “regret.” It all sounds very canned and corporate – and perhaps sounding like it lacks real regret. As protectors of our clients’ (internal stakeholders or external clients) reputations, have we over-mastered the corporate apology? Maybe the candid language in these corporate apologies offers lessons moving forward.
  • Who’s thinking creatively now? Admit it: Every time a “holiday” approaches, you think about how you can leverage it from a marketing or communications perspective. In fact, some of what we consider to be our everyday rituals – cereal for breakfast anyone? – were born out of marketing campaigns. Take a look here.

Something to chew on … until next week.


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