A Few Words to End the Week

Larry A. Meltzer, Agency Principal


Looking back as another week comes to a close, a few things seemed to count more than others.

  • Quality counts. It’s not just the fake news that I’m worried about – it’s the real news! As one of the last proponents of the Oxford comma (thank you Miss O’Hara from 7th grade, who looms over me when I succumb to a less formal writing style), I can’t help wonder what is lost with the media’s rush to publish news stories, commentary, and social chatter that are laden with typos, missing words, bad grammar, and just overall poor editing. Yes, I recognize that the dynamics of information gathering and sharing have changed, but there’s something to be said for accuracy, care, and general pride in a job well done. The information may be gone in a blur after we’ve read it, but the dent on credibility is bound to linger.
  • Content counts. As the flood of resumes came into our Careers in-box in response to a recruiting ad, I’ve noticed that the visual quality of resumes changes each time we recruit. New professionals are leading the way in presenting their credentials through formats that have become much more engaging and visually appealing, with some interesting use of graphics. But graphics aren’t a substitute for content. A word of caution for new pros: Start with the content and the accomplishments, and then build the graphics around it. Graphics should play a supporting role to the star power.
  • It’s the thought that counts. And I suppose that’s the heart of the issue, whether it’s quality or content – our space to think is shrinking. The faster the work comes at us, the more we feel the need to respond before taking the time to think. In the space of the past week, we witnessed two high-profile issues compounded by too-fast action (or distraction): The wrong Oscar envelope, and the Uber CEO who quickly got into an argument … with an Uber driver. Is building “think time” into our daily routines the answer to some of these issues?

It’s something to think about. Until next week…


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